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Free Housing Project

The Free Housing & Free Organic Food Project is creating a whole new way of living!

We have two simple goals:

One: We teach people how to get off the grid and legally eliminate: rent/mortgage payments, water bill, gas & electric, costly consumerism, the cost of food, healthcare and education. We provide the tools to effortlessly transition to an easier way of living.

Two: We also build free houses with organic food gardens for disabled vets, single mommies and for everyone who wants to create a sustainable and better world. We are a volunteer based community that loves building free homes for people who need them the most.

freehousingFree Your Mind has been on the scene for over a decade. We are all about making the world better through encouraging sharing, gifting, bartering, trading and living a self-sustainable lifestyle. Free Your Mind doesn’t focus on consumerism, political theater, environmental destruction & oligarchies. We do not protest or create resistance… we simply walk away and create a new world.

How we work?

Once you become a member you will begin the process of planting organic food everywhere, building free/discounted housing and much more. How? We will provide you with a step-by-step plan: Choose a Location, Get Legal, Pick a House Design, Finding free, discounted, sustainable, donated, re-purposed, inexpensive materials and with the help of volunteers and friends–build your house with a yummy edible garden. Imagine, no longer worrying about bills, employment and or political theater. Why? Free Your Mind — believes that safe housing and organic food is a human right and should be Free for ALL.pallet house

Do you want a Free House with an Edible Garden?

free housing

Currently, 750,000 plus Americans are happily living off the grid.
I have 4 question’s for you…
Do you want to volunteer and build sustainable communities?
Do you want a home and food that makes the planet & people healthier?
Do you want to live in a community/world that is focused on kindness, love, a healthy planet, empowering others, sharing, gifting, creativity and not money?
Do you think shelter & organic food is a basic human right and should be free or inexpensive and available to everyone?

Free Membership includes:
Volunteering in the areas of : admin, online research, phone calls and locating needed materials or services)
or if you prefer to build houses and get a house! (You will need a paid membership -see below)
or maybe you just want to donate cool stuff to others?

Benefits for Paid Membership:

  • (Receive our Very Popular e-Book) Learn How to Get Off the Grid in 30 Days or Less!
    (A Step-by-Step Guide to: Free Housing, Free Utilities, Free Property Taxes, No more Taxes, Free Organic Food, Free Education, Free Health Care and Never Be Poor AGAIN!)
  • Meet like minded people worldwide who are off the grid or transitioning off the grid.
  • Learn how to build communities / housing that aren’t monetary based.
  • Learn how to live successfully without money.
  • Learn how to transition off of utilities and property taxes legally in 24 hours. No one should be forced to pay for utilities or taxes.
  • Exchange housing globally for free. Learn how to have houses worldwide in 2 years or less.
  • Enjoy free housings, free organic food, free education, free health care and sharing free stuff.
  • Learn where the best and safest places to live worldwide.
  • Exchange, share, barter, trade and sell your wares within our community for free.
  • We will provide rich resources: Free Compassionate Communities worldwide, Free Organic Food Map, Bartering Communities, Free & Discounted Off the Grid Job Training, How to Create an Off the Grid Cash Income.
  • Learn how to live for free worldwide.
  • Free Off the Grid training videos.
  • How to travel the world (almost) for free.
  • Annual Gifting memberships
    Organic Food Membership / Job (Learn how to make a good income planting food everywhere!) $ 40.00 USD
    Free Housing Annual Membership (For people who want a free house and edible garden.) $ 40.00 USD
    DYI Annual Membership ( We will teach you how to build a Free Housing & Free Organic Food Community) $ 60.00 USD
    Buy a Membership for a disabled Vet or family (We will donate a house and garden in your name) $ 40.00 USD
    I want to give a loving gift $ 20.00 USD
    I want to give a loving gift. $ 50.00 USD
    I want to give a loving gift. $ 100.00 USD
    I want to give a loving gift. $ 250.00 USD
    I’m blessed and will gift 1 house to a vet or family $ 2,500.00 USD
    Life Time Membership $ 1,000.00 USD
    I’m rich and will gift 5 houses! $ 10,000.00 USD
    I want to plant 1 fruit tree! $ 20.00 USD
    I want to donate 5 veggie plants! $ 10.00 USD
    I want to help 5 very poor families plant food! $ 100.00 USD

    Your gift will allow us to build and donate free housing with organic edible gardens to disabled vets, single mommies, the homeless and you and me.


    – Select your option(s) and Send me an email