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off the grid

They just keep going up and up! Don’t you just hate paying the monthly utility bills? What if there was a way to never pay utility bills again!
In USA thousands of people are now living “off the grid”. It is becoming a popular choice for those who want to decrease their carbon foot print, those who want to live in an eco-friendly manner and those who just can’t afford to live the way we are.

Your typical house is connected to electrical power and/or gas, water, sewage and telephone lines. It may have cable and satellite connections also.
Going off the grid means shunning these public utilities in favor of creating your own. Some homeowners choose to be partially off the grid by supplying their own electricity and ditching their phone line, while relying on the convenience of city water and sewage. Others choose to live completely off-grid by digging wells or using a cistern system to collect water. A septic tank takes care of the sewage and they produce their own power by various innovative means.

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